Amanda Dahmani Wedding Dances

Your 1st dance, at your wedding, as man and wife is the focal point of the evening. It is the musical start of your lives together. Normally the dance is set to a track of music that has meant something to you and significant sentimental meaning to you both. It is often recorded and will be on record as a beautiful part of the day. It has become increasingly more popular to have the 1st dance personally chronograph by a professional dance instructor.

Here is a list of questions Amanda gets asked when she first talks her clients
Q - I have two left feet and can not dance is it for me /us?.
A - As part of the service to our clients we offer a Free consultations when Amanda can meet with you, at your home and listen to your chosen track and advise you of what type of dance you can do. At the same time she will discuss your thoughts and only set out chirography that fits your abilities. If you feel at this point it is not for you,  that's fine its cost you nothing to find out.
Q Do i have to commit to a whole course of lessons?
A. No you only book as you go and if at any point you feel you have had enough lessons or maybe you have changed your mind then simple stop.
Q.Where do you teach?
A. At your home.- If you dance is more elaborate we can hire a studio.
Q. How much do you charge?
A . That depends on where you live, how many lessons and how long you want Amanda to teach you, call her and she will give a free consultation and she will advise you of all costs
Q. How long does it take?
A. This depends on your ability however on average we would recommend you start 3 months before the wedding and depending on the content of the dance and your ability then 6-10 lessons.
If you have any further questions please call and Amanda will be happy to discuss them.

We hope this helps and would love to be part of your special day. Please feel free to look up the testimonials and recommendation on this web site.

Amanda Jane A.N.A.T.D

Amanda Jane competed at Juvenile, Junior Amature and Professional level throughout the 70's and 80's representing her country in Europe and in both open and closed competitions across Britain.

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